(G)went for a change in content..

So i would say i’ve been on a social media blackout when it comes to publishing content over the past month or so, only really seeing me publish on BanksEsports, now im going to be telling you why i’ve moved from creating Hearthstone content to Gwent and even some CS:GO content again.

Change in Card Game – 

Ever since the first day of Open Beta of Gwent, i have grinded roughly about 160 hours in the short space of time the game has came out and honestly, i’ve loved feeling a need to grind in a competitive game again. Before, even while i was playing Hearthstone, i use to only really play CS:GO and with ongoing wrist issues, a game a night is all i could do. After watching the likes of Lifecoach, SuperJJ and even people like Noxious and Merchant, it made me have a motivation to learn yet another card game and here i am.

What will i be publishing – 

‘Hopefully’ my style of content wont be changing much, thats if I have any time, but i want to be doing deck analysis and give basic tips for newcomers and even some HS players on how they can actually learn and move over from Hearthstone in terms of going for their preferred deck type and so on.

When will you start?- 

Even though im still publishing content for BanKs, im still going to be either transferring my articles onto the website or creating complete brand new content, which will give me a selection of content that i can publish, from Analytical to News. If all goes well, Next week ill be publishing at least two articles a week in order to keep a realistic schedule and to allow Gwent Players / Influencers and Writers to follow my work and prove that i can do consistent work yet again!


Hope to see you all soon 🙂



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