Interview with MSF GeorgeC!

I decided to publish some decks that allowed me to win an open cup, meanwhile the young savage decided to give some feedback about my choices with my Freeze Mage deck, after talking to him privately, here we are now and I got to speak to George ‘GeorgeC’ Connolly of MisfitsGG!

So George, with you being so young and already so experienced within the realm of card games, tell me, how did you get into card games along with Hearthstone!?

Some people told me at school about hearthstone, first i did not really think anything of it, but when I got my closed beta key, it all exploded from there. Early on in my life, i did play yugioh and MTG from about the ages of 7-14, but the competitive aspect and less “pay to win” feel on hearthstone made it more appealing.

With you playing card games for half of your life span, how did you kick it off with hearthstone and at what point in the game’s history did you decide to go competitively?

So, when i first started playing hearthstone, there was no intention of becoming a competitive player, only to improve. When i first reached legend when i was 13, from then on i realised that i could become a professional player, so my goal from that point on became that.

Talking about becoming a professional player, here you are now! How did the opportunity come about to join Misfits!

Well, before i joined misfits as a player, their manager Ben Spoont, got in contact with me and expressed quite a lot of interest in me as a player and the potential of him expanding into Hearthstone. After i few talks with him i came to a very quick conclusion that joining Misfits was an opportunity not to miss.



So, you talk about the connection you had with the manager, but did you have any interaction/choice over who joined the team alongside you?

Well, he asked me about various players, and I gave my opinions on them and how they might suit the team. However, I did suggest that if he could get Stan on the team that would be beneficial for me also to develop as a player from his experience.

With Stancifka joining along with Pokrovac, have you felt any benefits yet being on a team with such a great duo?

Well, in preparation for the prelims we all choose to bring things we were comfortable with and that we knew we could play well, instead of all bringing the same line-up and playing the same kind of strategy. I think it is important in a professional team that each team member can respect each other playstyles and we definitely accommodate that in our team



George, can you talk about how your preliminaries went this past weekend, from the experience at the LAN to the games themselves!

The preliminaries went ok. They could have gone better, but ultimately i was not that disappointed, as I knew that the current Meta was very “toxic The games were all right, but i felt that in many of the games it came down to simple coin flips or very basic decisions, so i did feel a bit robbed in some games.

To round out this interview, for anyone who is looking to get into hearthstone and potentially be the next you, what would you recommend?

For any upcoming player i would say that you should probably track your games, screenshot challenging turns but also make sure you watch many streams to keep up with the Meta and also refuse to get angry with RNG, as ultimately you should only focus on the things in game that you can control yourself


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