Decks in 300: StanCifka RenoLock!

Coming back into writing after the new year, I wanted to review one of the decks that got legend very fast within the month of January and since we all know RenoLock has gained a massive boost in popularity, Misfits’s player StanCifka, known for his control plays, took a version of Renolock without any combo to number 1 legend and I’m here to see why!

The first major difference that we see is that there is no Leroy Jenkins, Faceless and PO Combo in the deck, this is mainly to have a better matchup vs the more midrange/aggressive matchups that we are more commonly seeing with Midrange Shaman, Aggro Shaman and even Rogue being on top of the meta in recent weeks. Weirdly enough, we also see no Shadowflame due to the removal of PO which means that cards like Abyssal Enforcer gets a lot more value alongside cards like DemonWrath and Helfire. But due to the removal of Shadowflame, Cifka decided to cut Sylvanas, which im guessing is due to Shadowflame not being in the deck along with it being slow vs Pirates / Shaman.


Although, with some of the removal of old key cards in the combo list, we see some new innovations with Corruption, yes corruption being in the deck and after play testing this deck briefly the night before writing the article, weirdly enough it’s a good card in a more control heavy Reno list!

Cifka managed to maintain a 30-6 record on his final path to legend (from rank 3), meaning that this is going to be a popular variation on the ladder in the next few days.

Below ill copy and paste Cifka’s guide from HearthPwn!:


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