Interview with @excoundrel!

Hey guys, today I’ll be interviewing Hearthstone/League of Legends caster Excoundrel! Who is most known for casting the Vainglory World Championships and the ESL UK Hearthstone finals! Let’s get to know him better shall we?
So, if you could introduce yourself to people who might not be aware what you do and who you are?

My name is Excoundrel, I’m a freelance commentator for League, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Vainglory! I’ve been around the UK scene for over three years and have done my fair share of worldwide and international commentary also!
So quite recently, we saw you at the most recent Insomnia event to cover the UK Masters! How did that go?
The UK Masters was a lot of fun; we were allowed to be a bit more light-hearted with our broadcast style so we got to interact with viewers in a different way to other streams within the UK. It was also the highest prize league the UK has ever produced so that was always going to be special! Had a great time covering the league and working with all the Multiplay staff that helped put the show on!

I noticed a similar style of broadcast from our friends over at ESL, how would you say that finals went, with Jambre dominating the field!

ESL was a lot more like a traditional Hearthstone broadcast, their set-up for finals was amazing! The stage looked fantastic as well as the props for the stream – some of the best I’ve seen! Jambre looked fantastic during the ESL Prem finals, I feel he read the meta and brought a line up to counter it – a strategy that can be quite potent in a low player final (with only 4 players).
I was personally very impressed with the Beast Druid! So I only really know you from the Hearthstone scene but you recently got picked to be the caster representative for the British eSports association!

Yeah, I actually started in the League of Legends scene but I played hearthstone a lot and wanted to make the transition. Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny the head of talent at ESL UK allowed me to do some of my first professional Hearthstone castings last year and I’ve done two seasons of the ESL UK Premiership now! I was picked to be the caster for the British Esports Association (esports, not eSport redeye gets triggered by that) and I’m hoping to take some recommendations and concerns to them in our board meeting in January 2017.



Ah, I see! So what did you do noticeable in the LoL scene?
In the League of Legends scene I mainly covered UK broadcasts for ESL and Multiplay, however, I’ve done the Riot 4 Nations event, Esports Festival in Ghent, Leaguefest at i58, Schalke Esports Trials as well as a few other notables!
Oh, nice! So leading into some of our last questions, you recently attended the Vainglory World Champs with Sona! How did that go?

Vainglory word championships were excellent! Hosted at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood it was a real honour to cast in such a fantastic location. The Vainglory esports scene is growing and will continue to grow over the next few years – I’m just happy to be a part of it!

It seems like a fun game! Although it’s not my cup a tea, Hearthstone is my thing! Talking of Hearthstone, I want to know what sort of decks you play and what style you like!

I’m a control/midrange player, I can’t for the life of me stand aggro decks which is why I’ve struggled to play during the Shaman dominated era (even with the midrange shaman being king – that deck was awful to play too). It’s why I’m enjoying the current expansion so much, reno being so popular means that games are often more fun and more thought out.



Nice! It was good speaking to you but can I ask, when is your next casting gig?

My next casting gig will be sometime in January I believe, with UK masters starting up again and some international things I can’t talk about you’ll see me on stream soon enough!


Ah, nice! Have a good day!



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